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Tasting Notes: Rendle’s utilises the dominant flavours of a classic London Dry gin with those of spiced bitters including juniper, coriander, cardamom, lime and star anise. Experience the vivid, citrusy aromas of Indian coriander and fresh lime followed by an undercurrent of young evergreen and warm spices. The sweet peppery note of cardamom comes through slowly, like a perfumed wrist waved in front of the nose. A higher note of mace follows along with the subtle liquorice signature of star anise. On the palate, Rendle’s enters with a zip of citrus and hint of those sweet spices. The higher alcohol content is noticeable in the mouthfeel without the gin feeling “hot”. As it coats the palate, the warm spice takes over, finishing clean with a lingering aroma of juniper and cardamom. In a simple Gin & Tonic, we recommend Fever Tree Tonic
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