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Origins of Rendle’s Throughout the Second World War, Captain Frank Edgcumbe- Rendle of the 16th Light Cavalry, Indian Army, fought bravely for the British Empire. Such exertions brought on a profound thirst, regularly slaked with Rendle’s Original Gin. Made to his own secret recipe, “Rendle’s Pinkers” grew rapidly in popularity with Captain Frank’s fellow officers and, indeed, was served in the Mess.  The distinctive flavour and appeal of Rendle’s Original Gin comes from a heady blend of herbs and spices originating in India and the Orient. “Rendle’s Pinkers” has been lovingly recreated by Captain Frank’s son, Christopher, for the discerning taste of today’s gin connoisseurs. Simply serve with tonic and lemon, or use as the perfect base for a host of exotic cocktails.